sábado, dezembro 01, 2007

Hand in Hand - Ballet

«The CCTV Dance Contest found some dazzling new stars on Saturday night. "Hand in Hand" performed by disabled dancers Ma Li and Zhai Xiaowei moved and inspired the audience in equal measure with the performer's sheer dedication and talent.
Their dance is about how people overcome life's frustrations and enjoy the happiness of love.
Zhang Jigang, judge of the 4th CCTV Dance Competition, said, "I don't expect the dance to be so dazzling. It's not only about joining hands, but also care, support and help in the heart."
The pair present their interpretation in heart-rending body language. Behind their stunning performance lies deep commitment.
Dancer Zhai Xiaowei said, "After all, we're disabled people. But we dance with our heart and soul."
Dancer Ma Li said, "It's the power of love and the strength of joining hands, which keeps us persevering."
Zhao Limin, choreographer of "Hand in Hand", said, "The dance is full of artistic beauty, they made truly extraordinary efforts to achieve their goal."»
CCTV.com, 24/04/2007