quinta-feira, dezembro 28, 2006

Mr. Crab's Torment...

Mr Crab was all alone
in his cosy rocky home,
tired of another busy day
he tried to wash his thoughts away.
He layed and tried to clean his mind
but something persisted deep inside,
he turned and turned around and around
but those stubborn thoughts didn't come out.
"Oh Dear! What a despair!"
"I'm under a pressure I just can't bear!"
Again he turned around and around
but those stubborn thoughts didn't come out...
Those thoughts in his mind all seemed to swirl,
he couldn't take his mind out of that pretty girl!
The tenderness of her smile, the light of her eyes...
But she was going out with some other guy!
Oh! Mr Crab was sad, tormented and confused,
he tried to distract himself, but it was no use...
No matter how he turned around and around,
the image of that girl just didn't come out!

domingo, dezembro 10, 2006

Dancing in the Shadows

From the moonlight

To the dim dawn

In the shadows

I danced and swirl

Embraced by the gone

And the living souls

Then your eyes came

Bright as daylight

And my eyes fade

In the long-lasting night

sábado, dezembro 09, 2006

Medicines For All

"This is in violation of the promises made five years ago by the World Trade Organisation to make life-saving medicines available and affordable to all. As a result, millions of poor people in developing countries are dying because they can't afford the medicines they so desperately need." In Make trade Fair

XX Feira Internacional de Minerais, Gemas e Fósseis de Lisboa

Entrada Livre
07 Dez das 15h às 20h
08 e 09 Dez das 10h às 20h
10 Dez das 10h às 18h

MUSEU NACIONAL DE HISTÓRIA NATURAL Rua da Escola Politécnica, 60 1250-102 Lisboa